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Susan Sandler

REALTOR: Renee Stengel
Renee is the best real estate broker we lucky to have worked with her. We love our house!
read more... 04/18/2010


REALTOR: Dan Shrader
Do you have a contact phone number for the real estate commission?
read more... 04/17/2010

Concerned Citizen

REALTOR: Dan Shrader
I would suggest that you all file a complaint with the real estate commission as well. They will yank his license before the AG office does anything
read more... 04/17/2010


REALTOR: Dan Shrader
Concerned: I would think that Sally Miller has checked this,but you never know.
read more... 04/16/2010

Concerned citizen who thi

REALTOR: Dan Shrader
Did anyone look him up with the real estate commission - I can't find an active real estate license for him
read more... 04/15/2010

Jean Carol Darnell

REALTOR: Jeannie Schnell
Very nice old lady. I was shocked when I met her. Her picture looks like she is 50 and she is really 70 years old.
read more... 04/15/2010

Jennifer Deleon

REALTOR: Alan Rogers
Alan is such a fantastic person. He helped me more than he'll ever know. Thank you so much!
read more... 04/13/2010


REALTOR: Chip Deacon
can't beleive how agents like this are still working, horrible, don't expect a business to be done with him
read more... 04/11/2010


REALTOR: Robert Petterson
Vc ? um ator super bom!!! Sei que vc esta estressado com suas f?s mais que mandou vc ser lindo de morrer!!!!
read more... 04/09/2010

Jenn Bell

REALTOR: Scott Steffes
Elsa, I totally agree!!! Dirtbag is the ONLY thing I can say... Wrod is he filed Chapter 7 and Moved so hopefully no one else will have to deal with him!!
read more... 04/08/2010

Ingrid Kitchen

REALTOR: Ingrid Kitchen
Please allow me to work for you in 2010. I promise to treat you with respect and honesty. I work for the best real estate company in NC, William E. Wood Realtors. Thank you for your business! Ingrid Kitchen
read more... 04/04/2010

Wayne Godfrey

REALTOR: Ingrid Kitchen
Ingrid Kitchen is one of the hardest working agents that I have ever seen. I build houses for a living and Ingrid helps me with sales. She sold a house in 2009 the day after it was listed and I can't ask for anything better from her. I highly recommend Ingrid Kitchen and William E. Wood Realtors for your listings and sales in North Carolina. W. Godfrey
read more... 04/04/2010


REALTOR: Robert Petterson
nossa ele e maravilhosoooooooooooo!!!
read more... 04/03/2010


REALTOR: Brad Hetland
I went with Brad to MANY homes ,many were so bad but he made it fun. He kept right on until I found my perfect home! I would reccomend him to anyone and that he served in the military is a bonus because you know he will not give up! Thanks Brad!!
read more... 03/31/2010

Braxon Fears

ARTICLE: Real estate
This article is very informative. I appreciate the content.
read more... 03/29/2010

Jana Steele

REALTOR: Cathy and Jim Wood
They are the best real estate team in Middle Tennesse!
read more... 03/28/2010


REALTOR: Robert Petterson
nossa nao tem o que falar dele, bom ele ? um maximo gostaria d conhece-lo lol
read more... 03/26/2010

Emily Snow

REALTOR: Shauna Hooker
Worst agent ever! She was nothing but rude and disrespectful!
read more... 03/26/2010

Elsa Lewis

REALTOR: Scott Steffes
If this man calls out of the blue and wants to buy your house, I have one word for you, BEWARE!!! Money or Lender never appears! We lost a lot of money, time, and sleep beause of you Scott and you know it! So if anyone out there is considering this man as his or her Realtor (if he still has a license)or considering selling a house to him. Look me up for a lot of details. We are not the only ones. Look up Iowa Courts. Thank you.
read more... 03/25/2010


REALTOR: Angel Nelson
Mwaack_cee add mweeh awn beeh_boo yhuurv qawtt maah fiirst andd lasst naymee ...!!! xx0x
read more... 03/18/2010

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