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ARTICLE: Home Purchases Via P2P Lending
Probably a majority of pepole who go to Cash Advance Stores have horrible credit or are not financially sound. It is going to be difficult to figure out a percentage or even a ballpark though. Why would someone go and pay those outrageous interest rates if they could go to a bank and get a traditional loan or buget their money better and not get into that situation?
read more... 09/30/2012


REALTOR: Corky Teager
in foreclosure down at the pulbic trustee's auction. It's also an update on this post where unknowing renters were being evicted from the property even though they had a lease in place
read more... 09/30/2012


ARTICLE: Foreclosure laws in Kansas (KS)
I could do that, but was told it would cost $5000. Later, I went to a bank and related this qutsoien to the lady the qutsoien of why it costs so much for a refi, to which she replied it was because there would be more closing costs. She then said they could to a modification. She said she knew it could be done once, but she didn't know if it could be done more than once.
read more... 09/30/2012


ARTICLE: Even Luxury Homes Feeling the Market Pinch
Dear Ronit, It was a real pleasure mankig business with such a real professional real estate broker! You are indeed in People's Business and you are absolutely a dream maker!We were amazed from the combination of your warm personality and positive attitude.All along the process you have proven such a unique business perspective and virtuosity that made it all possible. Working with you was a real joy and a fun game and we wish to thank you for mankig our dream come through.
read more... 09/30/2012


REALTOR: Cheri Contes
Your mortgage copamny will buy insurance for your home, but that insurance will cost more than the insurance you have now. They will add the cost of the new, more expensive, insurance to what you must may the mortgage copamny every month. You will not be able to afford the higher monthly mortgage payment, and they will foreclose. You will not get to keep the house long enough to do a short sale. You will lose the house, and you will still owe the money to the mortgage copamny.
read more... 09/30/2012


ARTICLE: Why Private Investors Are Staying Away From Mortgages
You should have went to the right pronfssioeals and you would not be in this situation. Not only the ownership rights of the house should have been transferred but also the financial obligation against it. Unfortunately, you're still responsible and the loan company should be attempting to contacting you when payments are behind.Because this was not done correctly in the first place I have to wonder if you still have ownership in the property. Was this transaction done at a title company and did you file a Quit Claim Deed on the property? If not, you still have have joint ownership in the property. What that means is that if the house was ever sold then the proceeds must go to you too. He would not be able to account for the transaction between the two of you because it was not done correctly. Take that as you will
read more... 09/30/2012


ARTICLE: Foreclosure process in Texas (TX)
Attorneys can't do any more than you. They call the same numbers and send the same parwpeork. You'll just end up $3500?? poorer.Chase is one of the worst. Employees of Chase openly admitted that they are told to give applicants the run-around. The number of people who get mods is staggeringly low.Recently, there was a piece in the news saying close to 50% of the people trying to get into the program drop out. Do you think that they suddenly lost interest in trying to keep their homes?
read more... 09/30/2012


ARTICLE: Europe exactly there the best real estate
Undeniably believe that which you said. Your favtoire justification seemed to be on the web the easiest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I certainly get annoyed while people think about worries that they just don't know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top as well as defined out the whole thing without having side effect , people could take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks
read more... 09/30/2012


ARTICLE: Custom homes in Cupertino, CA
Fabulous piece , A person is cianretly installing a few some work along pretty much every document you made, this period i been required to just stop and simply say thx for use on your discuss.
read more... 09/30/2012


ARTICLE: Foreclosure Laws in California (CA)
WHY?? The refund , Why offer ,IF this Program Really, Legally, Works . What goes wrong with ? David's folmura , did he save his home , a home of a relative ? a Person in Real , REAL Need ?? , I don't see any positive or neg comments ,Except The word SCAM ???
read more... 09/30/2012


REALTOR: Brock Whisenhunt
Hey guys. . . Don't know if you remember from Breckenridge 5 or 6 years ago. . . but I just wanetd to stop by and say THANK YOU, once again! You both were the people who gave me the courage to dive into investing full time and giving up a steady (and measly) income. Needless to say, I am doing well, and like your positive outlook. I am making the most of the current crisis which is not at all that in my eyes. . . Thank you once again, and I know you are giving other people the same push and knowledge that I got! Keep up the great work!have fun,ADAM
read more... 09/30/2012


ARTICLE: Obama housing plan to end Fannie, Freddie
You probably have lteters from your mortgage company showing your payments haven't been made right? tell them your situation which you probably have and that they wont give you a letter see if they will accept your unpaid notices as proof that you aren't making the payments.That would totally suck if you end up homeless because someone wont send you a damn letter I would be bent if I was in your position. Maybe contact the Better Business Bureau do it online put in that your house will be in foreclosure and you need a letter stating this from the bank so you can get into housing for you and your kids before you end up homeless.
read more... 09/30/2012


ARTICLE: Foreclosure Laws in Massachusettes (MA)
No. It was just the way things tunred out. I doubt that this is a common problem. Your headline had me hoping for something with teeth in it. The owner was lucky to get a MOD anyway, though Ive seen mods that were not as good as the original loan! Mods were a GIANT SCAM anyway. OBummers plans were open ended. The only people who could qualify for a mod were those who had no income problems and had good credit. HAMP should have been called HEMP, because one had to be smoking pot to live through the whole stinking process only to be tunred down after months and then owe a huge back due to the lender.
read more... 09/30/2012


ARTICLE: Real Estate Agent Forges Buyer's Name in Bankruptcy Case
Run .. if you want to sell your house then put it on the maerkt. or put it on the maerkt and tell this company to invest in this .. **raises middle finger**. look remember what your grandma told you .it its too good to be true then it is .. there are scam artists around every corner waiting to bilk you out of your hard earned money. the objective of an investor is to buy low and sell high. so if there is something going on in your area like a new factory coming in or maybe someone struck oil .those sorts of things will spur an investor to solicit property by mail but by in large anyone offering to buy your house sight unseen makes me nervous. and the fact that you are going to remain on the note sounds like insanity. so in short, you are going to sign over your home and keep your name on the loan . this cant be a good idea. run run run ..
read more... 09/30/2012


REALTOR: Tom Bacchus
Yes you can buy leads from a lead vendor.Research the comnpay, make sure they have the lead types you are looking for. Some key things you'll want to look at:1. Lead type Life insurance, DI, homeowners ETC.2. exclusive lead or shared lead an exclusive lead will cost more because you are the only agent receiving it. a shared lead can go to many agents therefore is less expensive, but there will be Competition, the key with this type is to act fast!!!3. Freshness of the lead.4. How they do their marketing.5. Does their way of doing business work along with your agent budget.
read more... 09/30/2012

someone who cares for oth

REALTOR: Camille Milke
dont want to use my real name because i dont want these crazy people to know who i am, they will lie cheat and steal to get what they want. they will never pay what its owned and they run at 1st chance....stay away from her and her husband
read more... 09/18/2012

High PR Backlink Pyramid

ARTICLE: Foreclosure numbers rise in Reno-Sparks, fall statewide and in Clark County
Spot on with this write-up, I really suppose this web site needs far more consideration. Ill in all probability be again to learn way more, thanks for that info.
read more... 09/05/2012


REALTOR: Ronald Offner
He is the best! Worked with me until I had my investment property. I would recommend him to anyone. Jim
read more... 08/06/2012


ARTICLE: Direct talk about Reverse Mortgage
One other issue is when you are in a problem where you will not have a co-signer then you may really want to try to exhaust all of your financing options. You will discover many grants or loans and other scholarships or grants that will give you funds to help with university expenses. Many thanks for the post.
read more... 07/28/2012


ARTICLE: What's It Worth? - How to Figure Your Cap Rate
hi there grant if you are still in need of them i think this is the site and details,ring them for advice ,tell them I said you would sort him out
read more... 07/27/2012

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