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REALTOR: James W. McCormack and the at Help-U-Sell
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read more... 10/17/2020

Sandra Levi

REALTOR: Carol McCann, GRI
One word!! Magnificent
read more... 03/05/2013

Sandra Levi

REALTOR: Carol McCann, GRI
Carol Has been my real estate agent for many years. She sold us our first home and was very patient and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. Once we were ready to move to a larger home, Carol sold our home in two weeks and found us our next dream home. Hopefully we will not be moving again but I will always continue to recommend Carol as a true professional in the industry.
read more... 10/11/2012


REALTOR: Ronald Offner
He is the best! Worked with me until I had my investment property. I would recommend him to anyone. Jim
read more... 08/06/2012


REALTOR: Jennifer Gentry-Gates
What I have to remember is this time last year as far as how busy I was-we had a First Time HomeBuyers ietinticnve going which for me lasted just about all year even tho it ended with contract deadline April 30, 2010. The program brought buyers young and older out into the market. The young realized that with good credit they could buy something for less per month with more square footage than what they were renting. The older realized they could move back to home town and family and have choices in the market. So this year is going to be different but good.
read more... 05/04/2012


REALTOR: Jennifer Gentry-Gates
Learn more about REO's?? by reading this great book is caelld REO BOOM it has over 400 pages on the entire REO process. Have you ever thought of becoming a real estate agent well now is the time to get that license. Learn how you can make 2012 a successful year in REO. Follow the REO FARM method and make a change in your life.
read more... 05/02/2012


REALTOR: Joe Moore
With all the trillions of dolalrs of our hard earned money that the Federal Government is spending to BAIL OUT them Thieving BANKSTER The money could pay for every persons mortgages and education! Everybody in America! What is wrong with this picture? And also! They are trying to say that We are the ones to blame It is Not FOLKS! WAKE UP!! The Bankers lobbied to have the Glass Steagle Act abolished during the Clintons administration! And ever since
read more... 05/02/2012


REALTOR: Lee Garell
At $97 I figured I would buy it and take a chacne. Software is incredible.! It used to take me a few hrs to put all paperwork together. Now I do a complete offer in a few minutes. Probably the single best real estate investment I ever made
read more... 05/01/2012


REALTOR: Martin Millner
I'm working with a cinelt now who's getting a great deal on a house she's buying. Once it settles she plans on moving and renting out her other house for investment. It's a great time to get out there and buy.
read more... 05/01/2012

Screwed in PA

REALTOR: Paul E. Simmons Realty
Paul E. Simmons Realty engages in unethical real estate practices
read more... 06/22/2011

Jier worked withm Davis

REALTOR: Ronald Offner
Ron was the best agent we have ever worked with. Choice1Realty,North wales is the best!
read more... 04/24/2011

Nancy Dubin

REALTOR: Nancy Dubin
I don't know what this site is all about, but I see a testimonial here about me from a person Blake Finley whom I do not know and never heard of. I would like to know why you publish these things without finding out whether they are valid or not. Can you provide details about this person as I would like to contact him myself!
read more... 01/02/2011

Blake Finley

REALTOR: Nancy Dubin
Nancy Dubin is the worst real estate agent ever, she lies all the time and takes advantage of anyone she can, she should loose her licence and be locked up, do not work with her no matter what! She is a crook and nothing else.
read more... 11/17/2009

mike gala

REALTOR: Mike Gala
i'm the best!!
read more... 08/25/2009

Mark and Darlene

REALTOR: David Fetterhoff
Highly recommend...David is the greatest!!!
read more... 08/17/2009

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