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Chandler, AZ
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  • Arizona real estate news
  • Price dynamics for 8 zip code(s) (2 rising, 4 falling)
  • 56 school(s): availability and contingent by zip codes
  • 84 real estate agent(s) and 232 testimonials!


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    Housing prices

    Chandler, AZ average real estate prices
    Avg. state pricesChandler, AZ avg. prices

    Chandler, AZ prices in 2020
    Chandler, AZ housing prices in 2020
    Avg. state pricesChandler, AZ avg. prices

    Chandler, AZ prices in 2019
    Chandler, AZ housing prices in 2019
    Avg. state pricesChandler, AZ avg. prices

    Chandler, AZ prices in 2018
    Chandler, AZ housing prices in 2018
    Avg. state pricesChandler, AZ avg. prices

    Chandler, AZ prices in 2017
    Chandler, AZ housing prices in 2017
    Avg. state pricesChandler, AZ avg. prices

    Real estate news

    Look quickly and carefully around the city of Phoenix. Real estate in Phoenix Arizona has exploded t...
    » AZ   » Home selling02/09/2011
    Whether you live in the Phoenix area or are looking to purchase a home or Phoenix real estate nearby...
    » AZ   » Home buying02/04/2011
    Phoenix Arizona is one of the most popular cities in the United States, and it's no wonder. If you a...
    » AZ   » Moving06/17/2009

    ZIP information

    ZIPAvg. home price
    change last month
    SchoolsWhat`s nearby
    85224$350,000-20%22 schoolsmosque, 🍏 , ✡
    85225$375,000-1%13 schoolstheatre, ⛽ , ☕ , 🛍 , 🦄 , 🍔
    85226$375,0009%10 schoolssynagogue, 🦄 , 🛍
    85244n/a1 school
    85248$407,772-26%6 schoolsmcdonalds, 🦄 , ☕ , 🎭 , ⛽
    85249$600,000-4%4 schoolsmosque
  • Chandler, AZ schools


    Real estate agents


    Susan Ulrich


    Marshall Cleveland


    Steve Chader


    Jesse Herfel


    Chris Harvey


    Curtis Johnson


    Anna Coady


    Jeffrey Blackwell


    Joel Baker


    Christopher Varoga


    Jim Mikrut


    Mark Carvalho


    Jamie Geiger


    Terry Aaslid


    Mary Lou Arey


    Jeanne Bryson


    Ned Kircher


    Jack and Diena Burns


    Mark Mara


    Jeri Williams


    Kent Gagon


    Sam Elam


    Zenja Darabnia


    Chuck and Angela Fazio


    Donna Gilbert


    Elaine Albu


    Mark Mac Kenzie


    Matt Deuitch


    Laura Sweet


    Candice Vicha


    Yalda Alawi


    Nichole Russo


    Steven Cheek


    Kevin Hanley


    Gary Peruzzini


    Michael Yarusinsky


    Michael Bohlman


    Doug Meeks


    Bill and Duane Wiley


    Bill Flowers


    Gordon Paige


    Kyle Weidman


    Bob Burkhead


    A. Tom Wood


    Ilona Poka


    Sheryle Larson


    Rod Rebello


    Angela Jacobson


    Mike Jarmer


    Jeff Hunt


    Terje Aaslid


    Sheila Kofahl


    Brad & Stacy Sundin


    Greg Sidoff


    The Gina McKinley Group


    Paul Welden


    Dion Arseneau


    Pam Andrew


    The Donnelly Group


    Judy Warga


    Joe Janus


    Terry Cvelich


    Dave Richter


    William & Karen Beltz


    Jean McMahon


    John Beshk


    Roni Perotin


    Billy Nichols


    Scott Garland


    Sherrilee Denton


    Teri Ellis


    Cecil Duarte


    Jamie Geiger


    Kristine Devine


    Victoria de la Vara Shore


    Brad Welker


    Robert Kelley


    Ralph & Tricia Bredahl


    Pete Dijkstra &


    Bill Ryan


    Debbie Cotton


    Jim Nasset


    Pat Hill


    Latest testimonials:


    REALTOR: Bill Ryan
    Namaste my brother, I am very faaiilmr with Bill Ryan; Project Camelot and also Project Avalon which is what Bill created after leaving the Camelot group of three. All three of them are somewhat connected but have major holes in their philosophy. Their guests are sometimes quite intelligent but none of the three are sound investigators or interviewers. I remember seeing a show on the Blue Star Hopi mythology that I am sure you found exciting, I know I did. In Lak' ech, my brother, love is truth...
    read more... 07/21/2013

    Ripped off by Curtis

    REALTOR: Curtis Johnson
    PLEASE DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS FIRM! FACTS: Has an F rating with the BBB. Has several open complaints with the AZ Dept of Real Estate. Has complaints filed with the Attorney General Office.
    read more... 10/17/2009

    jose g

    REALTOR: Kent Gagon
    He is hot and very sexy
    read more... 10/13/2009
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